Investment Philosophy

  • - Diversity in Approach: The current global market demands a nuanced approach to dynamic and emerging markets. Our flexibility in strategy allows Preferred Partners to gain advantage from the most complex current market situations.
  • - Diversity in Holdings: We engage in markets globally to develop uniquely aggressive, yet sheltered portfolios for our clients. Through this allocation, we are able to maintain liquidity while achieving long-term goals. This global equity approach continues to benefit from our dedication to understanding niche and emerging markets.
  • - Major Asset Classes: Preferred Partners also has long-standing relationships with global financial institutions and the largest international markets. This provides further security for Preferred Partners while allowing for aggressive moves into non-traditional markets.
  • - A Team Approach: The Investment philosophy at Preferred Partners is not stagnant. Team members constantly add and modify tenants based on what current market realities dictate. This is only enabled by empowering every member of the Preferred Partners family.

Our investment philosophy is driven by the principles of accountability, experience and discipline.

  • - Accountability: We are expected and required to justify the actions and decisions taken by the Preferred Partners team.
  • - Experience: Although we count on technology more than ever, we understand that the experience of our individual team members and the fund as a whole are irreplaceable.
  • - Discipline: Ethical conduct is paramount to the principles and vision of Preferred Partners. Encouraging risks and aggressive investments does not constitute rationalization for irresponsible financial practices.