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May 22, 2022

Preferred Partners a financial advisory company announced today the firm has exceeded its long goal of donating at least 10 million dollars to local charities.

Preferred Partners' asset allocation strategy in 2021 was entirely focused on US capital markets, since they projected that the US markets would outperform as a result of the pandemic's stimulus. Their portfolio in the US markets, earned 39% in FY21 and has averaged a return of 28.5 percent during the previous six years.

Making these contributions to such deserving charities has been a privilege. Individuals who work in these community-based charitable organizations and the work they perform to better their areas, is inspirational to owner and Managing Partner Mr. Kovner, who have collectively donated $10 million to charity during the last six years.

"The current Russian-Ukrainian tensions have the potential to intensify the challenging inflation backdrop that many investors and companies had anticipated to lessen in the second half of 2022," 'The Ukraine crisis will have long-term consequences, and we feel that the Ukrainian people will continue to require assistance and support far beyond 2022,' Managing Partner Mr. Kovner stated, "As a consequence, I'd want to thank Preferred Partners for their support and to communicate my thanks to the firm's Senior Management Team and Senior Wealth Advisors."

Throughout the rest of the year, Preferred Partners plans to deploy 250 Humanitarian Medical Kits (equivalent to 250,000 treatments valued at $2.5 million) to Ukraine and neighboring refugee communities. We will carefully assign these donations to eligible organizations to ensure that the benefits reach to those in need given the rapidly changing and complex circumstances in Ukraine.

"Owner says, Preferred Partners is making a difference by rallying the community, at this moment, all eyes around the world are on Ukraine. "We stand in solidarity with people fleeing for their lives, whose families are being torn apart." To set a high benchmark six years ago of ten million dollars, we are very pleased to have achieved it. "This ten-million-dollar milestone is just the start. Now, let us look forward to another decade of charitable giving".

Preferred Partners collaborates with each of its clients to provide a wide range of financial services and investment options that are tailored to their specific financial needs. Clients at Preferred Partners are able to succeed and remain happy because of our knowledge, enthusiasm, and solutions.