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The Preferred Partners Ways

Preferred Partners has prided itself on being a leader in the financial management industry since its inception in 2002. Our specialization combines both short and long-term investment goals. This has been proven throughout our history through the innovations in investment technology pioneered by Preferred Partners. Our access to these proprietary systems and the unique ability of our team to utilize them helps us stand out as a unique firm in a highly competitive field.

In order for Preferred Partners' team members to be successful, we provide them with the most cutting edge investment tools and in depth statistical analysis available anywhere in the market. Beyond the hard data and computing power to put it to use, we strive to foster an atmosphere of risk-taking and coordination across all divisions of our investment strategy. Many of our most successful strategies have grown from promoting aggressive positions. This is of course bolstered by our risk aversion protocols that underpin even the most conservative investment.

Who is Preferred Partners?

Preferred Partners consists of investment professionals from over fifteen countries. Each of our 60+ staff members are experts in their field. Preferred Partners' asset managers rely on varied experiences as the majority of them have a specialization in emerging markets. Not only do they have a proven track record of weathering the global financial crisis in 2008-2010, they also have excelled in other market disturbances including the current situation in Greece, the dot com bubble in the early 2000s, the recent crash of the Russian Ruble, and various other geo political developments.

Our professionals are able to maximise a variety of investments and assets. Our experience covers international sovereign debt, foreign currency exchanges, domestic markets, market tools, commodities, and commercial real estate among others.


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