Risk Management

Four Corners of Responsible Risk Management

  • - Cooperation and transparency in working with your dedicated Preferred Partners team of investment professionals and other personnel. Our culture strives to foster mutually beneficial relationships between clients and Preferred Partners family to foster responsible risk management.
  • - Striving to recognize risk inducing factors before general market dogma would allow.
  • - Implementing innovative strategies for risk-analysis from a top-down and bottom-up approach.
  • - Discipline to the proven risk management guidelines that have shepherded Preferred Partners’ clients through market constrictions while still attaining long-term projections of growth.

Our risk aversion strategy is holistic. It relies on the necessary judgment of market experts and analysts. It is underpinned by a robust yet dynamic corporate structure, allowing for promotion and the open exchange of ideas.

Our corporate foundation ensures that our financial risk management specialists can focus on ensuring above-rate returns for their clients and partners. This process is enabled by Preferred Partners’ proprietary analytical tools. By being able to locate risk factors early, clients with Preferred Partners have often been able to make gains even during downturns. Once this foundation is in place, both our partners and their team will feel prepared to make more aggressive investments.

Our approach further allows for both pre and post-trade risk analysis. Risk also arises out of micro miscalculations and subjective reasoning. Our team structure ensures that not only will any errors be quickly remedied, but further analyzed to enhance the efficiency of future strategies.